Integration of III-V Nanowire Semiconductors for next
Generation High Performance CMOS SOC TECHNOLOGIES

The Project Organization

The INSIGHT project is divided into seven work packages to facilitate the execution of the work.

In WP1 we develop and optimize Materials and Process Modules for Devices and Circuits

  • III-V Nanowire Formation and Integration on Si
  • Gate Stack optimization
  • Spacers and low resistance source/drain contacts

In WP2 we establish Process Module Integration based on modules developed in WP1.

  • Process compatibility specification for hybrid, dual-channel, and single-channel RF platforms
  • Optimization of InGaAs n-FET for improved RF performance
  • Fabrication of co-integrated n-InGaAs/p-Si hybrid RF circuits
  • Fabrication of co-integrated n-InGaAs/p-GaSb devices for dual-channel RF circuits
  • Fabrication of n-GaInSb/p-GaInSb devices for single-channel RF circuits

In WP3 we perform Nanowire MOSFET RF-transistor characterization

  • n-type and p-type transistor small signal model extraction
  • Compact large signal modelling
  • Transistor border trap evaluation: 1/f noise, gm(ω) and hysteresis
  • RF Noise characterization

In WP4 we design, fabricate and characterize III-V Nanowire MOSFET circuits

  • Passive and active component design library
  • Circuits for on-wafer benchmarking analog millimeter-wave frequency performance metrics
  • Circuits for on-wafer benchmarking complementary logic functions

In WP5 we benchmark the INSIGHT performance against competing
technologies and we develop the IPR strategy and the exploitation plan

  • Transistor-level benchmarking
  • Circuit-level characterisation and benchmarking
  • System-level characterisation and benchmarking
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Exploitation Plan and Activities

In WP6 we focus on the channels for dissemination of the project aims and research achievements to groups outside the consortium, covering:

  • Non-technical audience
  • Industry
  • Scientific Community

In WP7 we handle management.

WP structure

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